Basic Toilet Repair


Repairing your toilet is probably one of the most basic repair jobs that you will encounter in your home. If you own simple hand tools you can fix your toilet. There are even a few repairs that do not require tools at all. You will be amazed at how simple it really is to repair a toilet yourself.


Your toilet handle is one of the easiest parts on your toilet to replace with no tools. Lift off the lid on the tank and set it aside. There will be a chain connected to the end of the handle lever that controls the flapper. Remove the chain from the lever, then loosen and remove the plastic nut located on the back of the handle. Simply slide the handle out of the tank and slide the new handle in and reconnect it.


The toilet flapper is the round rubber piece that rises and closes when you flush your toilet. There is a chain connected to the top of it so that when you press your handle, the flapper lifts up and allows the water in the tank to be released. When the flapper wears out you will notice a sound of constantly running water, meaning that the valve is not being properly sealed. Disconnect the chain from the top of the flapper and unhook the ears off of the pins on the overflow tube. Take the flapper with you to your home remodeling center and purchase your new one, and install it in the same position.

Leaking Tank

A leaking tank can signify that the nuts on the underneath side of the tank that hold the tank bolts in place are loose. Lift the tank lid and use a flat tip screwdriver to keep the bolts from turning while you use a wrench to tighten the nuts on the underneath side of the tank. If the tank continues to leak you will need to replace the rubber washers. To replace the washers you will need to remove the bolts. There is a rubber washer inside of the tank under the bolt head. Take a washer with you when you purchase new ones so that you get the right size. Make sure to drain the water out of the tank before you remove the tank bolts.

Broken Seat

Broken or worn-out toilet seats are a simple fix. Located at the back of the seat are two plastic caps that lift up. Underneath the caps are bolts with a flat-tip screw head. Place a flat-tip screwdriver in the slots and then use a wrench to remove the nuts on the underneath side of the bolts. The seat will lift right off. Set the new seat into position and insert the bolts. Hold them in place with your screwdriver and attach the nuts by hand. Use your wrench to finish tightening the nuts.

Worn Fill Valve

Fill valves can also wear out and cause a continuous sound of running water. The fill valve resembles a tower with a tube attached to it. Shut the water off and flush the toilet to drain the water out of the tank. Place a bucket underneath the waterline going into the tank, loosen and remove the water line from the tank, and remove the plastic nut holding the fill valve. Unclip the overflow hose off of the overflow tube and lift the fill valve out of the tank. Set your new fill valve in place and reconnect it. Fill valves are height adjustable. If the fill valve is too tall you can twist it to make it fit inside of your tank.

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