Quick Advice for All Home Repair Projects

by HomeRepairExpert.com
  Home improvement by repair? While some homeowners tackle expensive and time consuming renovation projects, the majority spend their time making the minute repairs that hold their house together, make it more livable, and help to retain the value of the most significant investment that they will ever make. Hiring someone to take care of every single repair can get very expensive. The good news is that even the novice can tackle most simple home repairs with a few good tips:
1. Invest in a few tools so that you will have them on hand when you need them. If your budget is really tight, check on-line to see if there is a tool lending library in your community. Most only require that you provide ID with a local address and return the tools clean and in a timely fashion. A few tools that are suggested as weapons in every home owner’s arsenal include a hammer, a toilet auger, a multi-bit screwdriver, a tape measure, pliers, a small drill and a shovel.

2. Locate a center in your area that collects and sells recycled building materials. You’ll save tons of money and you won’t feel bad about any goofs that you make. Habitat For Humanity has 825 ReStore resale outlets in the United States that accept donations of building materials, appliances and home décor items, all gently used. You’ll pay a fraction of the original cost and feel good because you’ve contributed to a great cause.

3. Check out your local community college for non-credit home repair classes. Most have a beginner’s home repair class and more advanced classes for those who want to tackle refinishing floors, tiling bathrooms and walls, hanging windows and doors, and replacing flooring and countertops. Not to mention the whole slew of home décor classes they offer.

4. Tackle the little repairs when you notice them. A loose screw tightened here, a small plaster repair there, and you can save yourself from larger repairs in the future.

5. Finally, don’t try to tackle repairs that you know you are not qualified to handle.

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