DIY Installation of Bathroom Sink Drain


Installing a bathroom sink drain is simple if you are handy.
When you install a bathroom sink, you'll also install a new drain. This is an easy job if you are handy around the house. All sinks use the same types of drains. The only variation is where the water from the sink drains: through the floor or the wall. When the sink drains into the floor, install an S-trap drain; if it drains into the wall, install a P-trap drain. Follow a few simple steps to install a P-trap drain that flows into the wall.

  • P-trap
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Female adapter
  • Flexible water supply tubes
  • Coupling nuts
Install a female adapter onto the stub of the pipe going into the wall; tighten the adapter by hand.

Slide the slip nuts onto the drain arm and the sink's tailpiece.

Insert the P-trap onto the stub and tighten the slip nuts by hand.

Connect the water-supply tubes to the faucet's tailpieces, and connect them to the shutoff valves using the adjustable wrench to tighten the coupling nuts.

Turn on the water and check the pipe joints for leaks in the drain.

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