Advice to Store Stuff Efficiently

 There are several tips and methods used to store items around the house, in the garage, or out in the shed. Hanging things on walls, buying storage containers, and setting up shelving are all great ways to store things both efficiently and neatly. Using hooks, nails, screws, leftover wood, or even clothing scraps can be useful as well as save money.
For large items such as brooms, mops, and shovels find a place on the wall behind the kitchen door or in a closet. Hang nails high enough to keep the supplies off the floor and hammer in a straight line, leaving 8-12 inches between nails. In the garage, hang items such as jumper cables, overalls, bicycles, and fishing poles. In the shed large hooks can be placed so that weed eaters, leaf blowers, chainsaws, and garden tools can all be hung safely on the wall.
 Another idea is by creating custom shelves and storage containers. Start by buying existing shelving units that fit the space. Secure shelving into place and level. Finally, buy or make storage boxes with baskets, cardboard, poster board, and even leftover clothing or fabric remnants. Make or decorate the boxes and place on appropriate shelf. Another idea is to label the boxes so that everyone can find what is needed right away.
 A third idea to create space in garages and sheds is by installing garden hose hangers on the walls. These can hold garden hoses of course but can also hold items such as air lines, electrical cords, and rope. Several items can be placed on one rack saving space. This keeps cords and ropes off the floor and stops them from becoming trip hazards as well as saving space in small areas. It also keeps everything neat and tidy.

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