Pool Owner Survival Guide

by HomeRepairExpert.com
 Pool ownership by private homeowners is a privilege as well as a responsibility. Along with privilege of having the home offering the most fun and options for entertaining, comes the responsibility of pool maintenance. The goal in pool maintenance is keeping it in prime condition for the ultimate experience for family and friends. Proper maintenance requires the use of simple cleaning tools plus a working knowledge of pool chemicals and pH balances. These things are vital to protect swimmers from bacteria, eye and skin irritants. Another must-do is monitoring mineral content of pool water to ensure the proper operation of the pool filter and prevention of pool stains.

 At the beginning of the swimming season, use a steady stream of water from a garden hose to carefully clean the pool cover. Let the cover completely dry in the sun. Clear all debris with a skimmer from the water surface if the pool was not covered.

 At the beginning of the swimming season, shock your pool with three to five times the recommended amount of chlorine. This will kill contaminants which had built during disuse. Let the chlorine reach normal levels before allowing anyone to swim in the treated pool.

 Check all pool steps, decking and accessories for wear or damage then repair or replace as needed. Algae stains and scale is easily removed with an algae brush. More stubborn stains on plaster pools can use waterproof sandpaper while a soft nylon brush is appropriate for vinyl pools.

 Homeowners should use recommended pool chemicals on a regular schedule. The best time to add chemicals is after dark or during the cool of the evening. The pool manufacturer or installer is the best source to learn which products are best for a pool.

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