Advice for Bathroom Design

For some, a bathroom is a luxury retreat at the end of the day. For others, it's a functional space where efficiency is key. And there are those who rely on multiple bathrooms that can accommodate family demands or the comfort of guests. In any case, bathroom design can impact not only the look of a bathroom but how well it suits your needs not just today but into the future.

Where to Start

When installing a new bathroom or considering a remodel, begin by determining what kind of bathroom will work best with your lifestyle and your living arrangements. Consider such things as downsizing or enlarging the bathroom space itself, enhancing amenities, changing the color scheme, installing new fixtures, changing the lighting and adding more storage space. Once you determine why your current bathroom doesn't suit your needs, you can decide on which type of bathroom design will meet your expectations.

Choosing a Bathroom Style

By visiting bathroom showrooms, perusing interior design magazines and browsing home improvement stores, you can gather information that will help you decide which style of bathroom fits your tastes and your needs. Some of today's popular bathroom designs include luxury baths with high-end amenities, retro looks with classic wall and floor tile designs, monochromatic color schemes and vintage baths that hearken back to American styles popular in the 1900s.

Deciding on Fixtures

To choose the right bathroom fixtures, consider whether luxury, efficiency, beauty or some combination of these is most important to you. Some of today's bathrooms feature enhanced fixtures such as hydrotherapy whirlpool tubs, shower stalls with aromatherapy systems, wall-mounted toilets with concealed tanks and highly stylized vessel sinks. By visiting a bathroom showroom, you can become knowledgeable about the latest bathroom fixtures, their appearance and their cost.

Don't Forget the Accessories

While the major bathroom furnishings such as shower stalls, bathtubs and vanities may be eye-catching and take up the majority of space, it's the accessories that give a bathroom a finished look. To convey your own unique style, select window treatments, lighting fixtures, moldings and shelves that accentuate the bathroom style you've decided on. Even something as small as a toothbrush holder or soap dish can add to the overall decor and give your bathroom a pulled-together look.

Check Out the Latest Trends

When designing a new bathroom or updating an old one, learn about the latest trends and looks that can add to a bathroom's beauty and comfort. According to Janet Blutter Schiff, ASID and president of Blutter/Shiff Design Associates in Chicago, Illinois, "basically, the bathroom is the only place you can go to be alone anymore, even more than the bedroom. Because of that, people are willing to give themselves more luxury in the bathroom." Instead of settling for what's tried-and-true, explore luxury bathroom options such as warming drawers for towels, air baths with effervescent bubbles, radiant floor heating and shower heads that offer a rain-forest-like experience.

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