Flooring Care and Installation

There are many different types of flooring materials available on the market today. Each one offers its own sense of style and durability for homeowners to consider. While classic wood floors are always in style, tile and marble as well as vinyl and carpet hold their own as being top contenders for homeowners. Each flooring type has a special area of the home that is best suited for their usage. Each one should be carefully considered when choosing to upgrade a property.

One of the main reasons that property owners decide on a particular type of flooring is often durability and practicality. Certain flooring materials may prove to be impractical for certain areas of a home. Wood floors in a bathroom area are usually not a top choice because of the dampness and potential damage that can be caused to a wood floor from constant shower and bathwater exposure. In addition, a carpet in a bathroom would be a bit impractical as well as mold and mildew can build up in the moist settings of a bathroom environment.

Marble tile, while aesthetically pleasing is rather expensive and can be a bit slippery and by most standards should be considered impractical in homes with small children or high pet traffic. Vinyl tile can be a great choice for certain rooms like a laundry room, bathroom and kitchen. However, it is generally considered rather unpleasant and not very cozy for a living room, dining room, den, family room or bedroom. Areas with high traffic should have flooring material that is very durable. Carpet is a great floor covering for many rooms and a good choice carpet can provide years of comfort for homeowners. Some carpets come with stain resistant materials and a long term warranties can be available on some carpets.

Once a flooring material has been decided upon, proper installation is critical to ensuring that the flooring materials hold their integrity. Additionally, learning proper maintenance for the material is important. Improper maintenance of a flooring material can reduce the longevity and luster of even the most durable flooring materials. Property owners are encouraged to learn the most effective ways to maintain their flooring so that it lasts for at least the normal life expectancy time period. With proper care many materials can outlive their normal standards for life expectancy. Wood flooring in general is often the most durable as any damage to the floor panels can often be sanded from off the top level and re-stained and varnished for a like new appearance.

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