Cleaning Tips in your Home

Cleaning your home is an important task and should be done weekly, if not daily. However, many people do not know where to start, what to clean or what's most important to clean. Here are the top cleaning tips for your home that will help you maintain a clean, spotless and healthy home:

1.  Wash dishes right after eating:

Leaving dishes out for longer can attract flies, make your home smell bad and look bad. Clean your dishes right away and put them away.

2.  Cleaning the bathroom:

Clean after a steamy shower, if you're planning on cleaning the walls. If you have stains in your sink, try rubbing lemon on them. For mirrors, you can buy glass cleaners or just use vinegar and an old newspaper. Make sure you open windows and doors when you use sprays or are dusting. The toilet should be scrubbed every two weeks.

3.  Do mini-cleaning:

Many people struggle setting a date and time to clean the whole home. One idea is to do spot cleaning, meaning to clean a room you are in quickly. For example, if you are in your room and are painting, put away the supplies right after you're done. Pick up a few things on the floor - it will only take a minute.

4.  Use organizers and store neatly:

Organization is the key to a clean home. Try buying bins or storage boxes to put away your items and de-clutter your home. Keep things you don't use stored somewhere else, and put away small things like snacks and remote controls in baskets and bins instead of having them out.

5.  Dust every week:

Many people put off dusting, but it builds very quickly. Dust your rooms, between corners, desks, lamps, window shades and anywhere else where dust may pile up. Dust makes an unclean home and can cause sickness or bacteria to float through the air.

6.  Pick up after yourself:

The easiest thing to do is to pick up after yourself. Do not leave anything you were doing or using out, put it away into a neat space. Throw away your food or items that can be disposed right away, that way you don't have to do it later.

Use these top 6 cleaning tips next time you want to clean your home, and you'll be on the road to a healthier and neater home.

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