Painting Tips

Painting can be a tedious task for many people. A lot of people get just as much paint on themselves as they do on the walls. This can be a huge deterrent when it comes to painting. Painting does not have to be tiresome and long anymore. There are some tricks of the trade which can make painting a breeze. When you apply some of these tips to your painting, the results can be drastically changed.

Three Tips For When It Comes To Painting

1. Tinting the primer can have a great effect on your overall finished product. Primer will make the bond stronger between the top coat and the wall. It will also reduce the number of coats you have to apply completely. A trick is to pour some of the desired color into the primer and mix it. Make sure that both paints are of the same compound because they will not adhere to each other if they are not. When you tint the primer, it reduces the effect of showing any blemishes that can bleed through.

2. A canvas is great piece of equipment to invest into. Not only can you use them more times, but they also absorb paint up. This is way better than its counterpart of plastic. Plastic does not absorb paint; it only catches it from going on the surface that you are covering. Canvas can go around corners and door frames easily and cover up the area entirely. Also, you seldom or ever have to tape it down. It also reduces the chance of tripping completely because it never bunches up like plastic.

3. Finally, make sure that you record your color. When you need to perform touch ups or want to repaint the room the same color, it’s really efficient to have the specs written down somewhere they won’t get lost. An ideal place for this is the back of a switch plate. You have to remove them anyways when painting so it’s a good idea to write the specs down on a piece of masking tape and apply it to the back. This way you’ll never lose the specs again.

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