Tips and Tools for Home Renovation and Repair

Now that you are officially a homeowner you might be considering doing some home renovation projects. The Do-it-yourself bug bites many new homeowners as they head into the unknown of having a space that can be decorated and altered as they see fit. But, many newly minted homeowners find themselves in the odd predicament of wanting to improve their space but being generally unaware of how to get it done. Worry not, because we have some basic tips and tricks that can get you started. 

Tools of the Trade

As a new homeowner it might be a good idea to invest in some tools before you embark on a home repair or renovation project. Most former apartment dwellers have very little in the way of tools. There are a few must-have items that can get you started and not break the bank. 

  • * A 15 ounce hammer. Hammers are a multi-tasking tool and can be used for pulling down dry wall or putting in a nail to hang a picture. This is one tool that people can not live without and should be the first in your home improvement basket.

  • * A drill and bits. Drills come in large kits now and you can get all the bits you need as a basic, weekend warrior in a kit. It comes in handy for stubborn projects that hammers and screwdrivers just won't get it done.

  • * Screwdrivers and interchanging heads. This is another tool that comes in a kit and can be extremely useful. You'll need them for everything from putting together furniture to changing the hardware in a kitchen.

  • * Adjustable Crescent Wrenches and Pliers. If you are planning a massive bathroom take down wrenches and pliers will be necessary. These are great emergency tools, too, if you end up with a plumbing or piping problem.


Now that you know what tools you need you're probably curious about some tips. It's simple; trick number one is knowing that you can not possibly do everything on your own unless you are a skilled craftsman. Don't be ashamed to call the professionals if a project is too complex. 

Additionally remember that research is the key to everything. Before you begin on a big or small project do some research online. Join a forum and get to know other homeowners. They have invaluable tips to offer. 

Ask a friend to come over and help. Four hands are, in fact, better than two for most home repair projects. Offer up lunch as payment and get to work. 

Learn your basic tools first then move onto the big guns. Big, expensive mistakes happen when powerful tools are in the hands of people who don't know how to use them.

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