How to Sharpen the Blade on a Power Lawn Mower

With the force available in a power lawn mower, even a dull blade can be an efficient grass cutter. However, dull blades can lead to an unhealthy lawn by tear and ripping the grass as opposed to cutting it. The jagged and torn edges of the grass become more susceptible to disease and parasites, and over time the lawn can begin dying out. Luckily, it is quick and easy to sharpen the blade on a power lawn mower, keeping your lawn healthy and good looking all summer long.

  • Wrench
  • Bench vise
  • File
Tilt the mower to one side and use a wrench to loosen the bolt holding the blade in place.

Unscrew the bolt all the way, keeping one hand on the blade to prevent it from falling.

Place the blade in a bench vise or lay it on top of a step with the cutting edge overhanging the step and use your foot to hold it in place.

Sharpen one side of blade by pushing the metal file from the body of the blade to the edge of the blade. Use long strokes so that most of the file comes in contact with the blade on each stroke.

Turn the blade upside down and sharpen the bottom side of the cutting edge in the same manner. You may need to alternate back and forth between the two sides several times.

Test the sharpness of the blade with a blade of grass. When the blade can cut the grass cleanly with only a small amount of pressure, you are done sharpening that cutting edge.

Repeat the sharpening process on the other cutting edge.

Tips and Warnings

  • Every lawn mower blade comes with two cutting edges located on opposite ends of the blade from each other. Due to the circular motion of the blade, the cutting edges are on different sides of the blade.
  • Lawn mower blades don't need to be as sharp as razors so don't worry if you can't shave with it.

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