How to Remove a Cast Iron Sink

A cast-iron sink may seem like an antiquated model, but the truth is, there are fairly common today, many of which are covered with porcelain, so that you wouldn't even know that it's cast iron. Porcelain and cast iron, unlike stainless steel, are both subject to discoloration, and you may want to look at upgrading your sink to stainless steel or a new cast iron. If that's the case, removing the sink is fairly basic.

  • Pipe wrench
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Putty knife
Turn off your water supply, located under the sink.

Disconnect the hot and cold water hose using a pipe wrench (an adjustable wrench will work if the connectors are of the newer, flexible water-line type).

Disconnect the drain pipe using a pipe wrench, turning the coupling counter-clockwise.

Remove the brackets that hold the sink to the counter from underneath with a Phillips screwdriver.

Slide a putty knife under the caulked edges of the sink where it meets the counter in order to break the seal.

Pull the hardware (tap handles, etc.) from out of the sink.

Lift the sink out. If it won't budge, bang it a couple times with the palms of your hand from underneath to loosen it.

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