DIY Outdoor Kitchen Designs


An outdoor kitchen gives you more space for larger gatherings.
Several DIY outdoor kitchen designs are available, depending on your budget. An outdoor kitchen provides an extra place for entertaining during the warmer months, especially if you want to entertain more people than could fit comfortably into the living room. An outdoor kitchen also gives your family an extra area for meals and gatherings for family activities and family barbecues, whether for the immediate family or for small family get-togethers.

Plan the outdoor kitchen around what you currently have or around new additions, such as a barbecue pit, patio, counter areas, screened enclosures or plants. If you are adding a patio or screen room, check for permits needed. Obtain the permits and contact builders to add the patio or screen room.

Select a barbecue pit or grill station for the outdoor kitchen. There are several options, including temporary grills (rolling gas, charcoal or wood grills), grills built into countertops, or firebrick ovens and pits.

Buy tables, chairs and counter spaces. Put in something as simple as a picnic table, or add glass and wicker furniture. Choose the counter spaces for your design. A counter space could be a simple countertop, or it could incorporate cabinets and a small refrigerator underneath the countertop. The counter might be attached to the fire pit or grill, or it could be a stand-alone counter.

Choose the base of the counter space. The base can be made from brick, stucco, wood, or any other material---the material could even match your house. If you are adding electrical components to the counter space, the counter space must be placed near an existing outlet, or a new outlet must be wired into the outdoor entertaining space.

Finish the outdoor kitchen with plants, garden statues and wall waterfalls to give it a cozy, homey place to relax.

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