Sears Craftsman Garage Door Programming Instructions

Garage door openers make it convenient to open your garage door from inside your vehicle. The Sear Craftsman garage door opener uses remote control units that allow you to press one button and open the door as you turn into your driveway. When adding a remote control for your garage door, you will need to program the control. You can program your garage door remotes in just a matter of minutes.

  • Stepladder
  • Door remotes
Place a stepladder at the rear of the garage door opener so that you can reach the back of the opener. Remove the rear lens cover by pressing the cover in on the top and bottom. Pull the cover off the motor to reveal the lightbulb, limit switches and wiring terminals.

Locate the "Learn" button on the back of the door opener. The button is directly beside the wiring terminals and limit switches. Press the "Learn" button with your finger and hold the button in for 30 seconds.

Release the "Learn" button on the back of the door opener and press the button on the hand held remote control. Hold the button in until the lightbulb on the door opener blinks twice.

Snap the lens cover back over the rear of the door opener until the cover locks into place.

Tips and Warnings

  • Take the remote control with you when climbing the ladder to press the "Learn" button. The remote must be pressed within 30 seconds of the "Learn" button activation.
  • You can erase codes by holding the "Learn" button in on the back of the motor until the lightbulb turns off.

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