New Countertop Options

?When it come to replacing your bathroom or kitchen countertops there are a lot of new, eco-friendly materials to choose from these days beyond the usual choices of hardwoods, natural stones and stainless steel. The latest types of materials offered today can be as much a design element as they are a green-lifestyle statement because they incorporate recycled materials like glass, concrete, bamboo, paper and other innovative new substances that were never employed as countertop materials in the past. There are now many different recycled countertop materials available from many different manufacturers and retailers and more new colors and material options are appearing all the time.

One of the latest new countertop materials to hit the market is glass that has been recycled from both individual consumers and industrial companies. Recycled glass countertops now come in colors and shades that look perfect in contemporary-style kitchens like the new and colorful terrazzo countertops from EnviroGLAS that range in hues from bright red to bright blue. Another company offering recycled glass countertop materials is IceStone that makes eco-friendly counters out of a mix of recycled glass and concrete that comes in 29 different colors, providing a range of hues that will work with a wide variety of primary room shades. The IceStone colors range from traditional gray and white shades to bright hues of blue and purple.

Another option in green kitchen and bath counters comes from Cosentino Products. The Polar Cap line of countertops from Cosentino contains 75-percent post-consumer/post-industrial materials that are bound together by corn oil. The firm mixes bits of porcelain, mirror, glass, stone and even corn to create beautiful countertops that are mainly white but contain contrasting flecks of color that lend a unique designer look. Perhaps even more innovative are the six different colors of countertops made of post-consumer recycled paper bound inside a petroleum-free resin base from the PaperStone Company. PaperStone’s use of post-consumer recycled paper means fewer trees are going to waste in the landfills, and the company offers the only architectural solid surfaces to be certified by the Smartwood program of the Rainforest Alliance today.

Consumers looking for more wood-like and rustic appearing countertops will appreciate the new all-bamboo countertops from the Smith & Fong Company. Smith & Fong’s Plyboo line of bamboo countertops is made from a 100-percent renewable material, and represent the world's only formaldehyde-free Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified bamboo countertop materials available to date. The Plyboo tops come in amber, natural, or slightly darker shades and are easily installed using glue or mechanical fasteners. Whether you live in a small apartment or large suburban home, there are now many new eco-friendly countertop options to fit your home's décor.

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