How to Replace a Remote Garage Door Battery

A remote control garage door opener adds convenience to everyday travel. Push a button inside the garage and the door opens to make way for an exit. Then push a button on the remote in the car to close the door. Open the garage with the same remote upon returning to let the car and all riders into the covered shelter. This carefree coming and going lasts as long as the batteries in the remote control. Then comes the ugly moment when the door won't budge regardless of how hard the remote button is pressed. Perform a simple battery replacement and get right back to the convenience of push-button passage.

Open the battery compartment on the back of the remote control. Some will slide open easily with pressure on the lower end of the cover. Other types close with a clip that must be depressed using a coin or strong thumbnail.

Determine the battery type and quantity used in the remote. Garage door openers may use 9-volt, 12-volt, AA, AAA, or coin-type lithium cell disks. Remove all cells in the compartment and count their number. Look carefully at lithium cells for identifying codes or voltage numbers.

Purchase the correct battery replacement type in the same quantity found in the remote. Buy common 9-volt, AA and AAA types in most chain stores. Buy special 12-volt and lithium disk batteries from a hardware store or electronics retailer.

Insert the batteries according to the polarity marks in the compartment. All cells have a negative (-) and positive (+) terminal. Lithium coin-type disks have a negative and a positive side. Lay a positive side from one disk against the negative side of another when stacking lithium batteries. Replace the compartment cover and the garage door opener will be at your command for at least a year.

Tips and Warnings

  • Open and close the garage manually if remote battery replacement is not possible immediately. Close the garage door with the wall button and pull down on the cord hanging from the center track near the door to release the automatic opener and allow manual operation. Manually lock the garage door when using it without the opener.

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