How to Install Glass Sliding Shower Doors

Glass sliding shower doors are easy to clean and maintain. The clear glass also permits more light to enter the shower than a standard plastic shower curtain. Installing glass sliding shower doors is not a difficult job for you to do on your own. A quality sliding shower door will also add value to your home without adding a great deal of remodeling expense.

  • Tape measure
  • Hacksaw
  • Pencil
  • Hammer
  • Pointed steel punch
  • Electric drill
  • Screwdriver
  • Caulk and gun
Measure the front of your shower pan to determine the proper length of the sliding shower door track. Mark that length on the track and use a hacksaw to cut the track.

Place the bottom track for the glass sliding shower door along the top of the shower pan, making sure it is centered. Trim the ends with the hacksaw if necessary to make it fit properly on the shower pan's front wall. Center the track along the shower pan's width and mark its location with a pencil.

Set the door jamb on one side of the shower door opening, making sure the base of the door jamb fits securely over the edge of the bottom track. Mark the jamb's screw holes on the tile with a pencil, then remove the jamb from the opening. Poke a hole in the tile at each marking by using a pointed steel punch and hammer. Tap out a small piece of the tile so you can drill the holes without cracking the entire tile.

Put the jamb back along the side of the door opening and drill the screw holes into the shower tile. Tighten the screws so the door jamb is held securely in place. Repeat this process to install the jamb on the other side of the shower door opening.

Measure the distance between the tiled edges of the door jambs to determine the proper length for the top track. Cut the top track to the proper length using a hacksaw. Set this top track piece on the door jambs and tap it down with a hammer to lock it in place.

Prepare the glass sliding shower doors for installation by sliding the rollers onto the top and bottom. Hold the inside door at an angle, placing the top rollers into the top track. Carefully lower the glass door until the bottom rollers snap into the bottom track. Repeat this process with the outer shower door, making sure the towel bar is facing the outside.

Seal off the edges of each door jamb by applying caulk where the jamb hits the shower tile. Apply caulk along the bottom sliding door track where it meets the inside of the shower pan.

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