How to Hang a New Interior Door

Whether you are adding a new room or replacing an existing door, a pre-hung interior door is your best option. Pre-hung interior doors are completely ready to be placed inside the rough opening. It is not difficult to hang a new interior door. Purchase a pack of shims when purchasing the interior door to aid in leveling the door. You will need the aid of a friend to initially place the door in the opening. Once the new interior door is in the opening, the rest of the project will take two hours to complete.

  • Pre-hung interior door
  • Saw horses
  • Tape measure
  • Circular saw
  • Helper
  • Level
  • Shims
  • Hammer
  • 10 D finishing nails
  • Door trim
  • 6 D finishing nails
Set the pre-hung interior door on a set of saw horses. Measure both jambs of the door opening with a tape measure. Measure the jambs on each side of the pre-hung door frame. Cut off the bottom of the jambs with a circular saw to the measurements of the door opening as necessary.

Set the pre-hung door inside the opening with the assistance of a helper. Open the door and use a level to check the plumb of the hinge side door jamb. Insert shims between the frame and the rough opening until the jamb is plumb. Also make sure that the frame is level from front to back.

Using a hammer and 10 D finishing nails, nail the hinge side jamb into the rough opening. Start at the bottom of the jamb and hammer the nail in halfway. Move up to the top and hammer a nail halfway and finally to the center.

Check the plumb of the latch side of the door jamb with the level. Also look at the header of the frame. You want to have an even gap of no more than 1/8-inch across the top. Adjust the latch side jamb as necessary to get that even gap. Check the level of the jamb from front to back as well.

Hammer 10 D nails halfway through at the bottom, top and middle of the latch side jamb. Close the door and check for proper operation. The door should close and open without any binding and all gaps should be even.

Drive all of the jamb nails in completely using a hammer. Add nails wherever the jamb has shims in between the door frame. Attach the door knob hardware according to the manufacturers instructions.

Apply the inside and outside door trim around the frame opening. Use 6 D finishing nails to secure the trim to the door frame and complete the door hanging project.

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