How to Change a Tire on a Garden Tractor

Garden tractors have two sets of tubeless tires. The two in the front are smaller than those in the back. These tires will need to be changed when there is tread wear or loss of traction. Garden tractors are used for cutting grass and pulling along various objects such as sweepers and rollers. Changing the tires can be difficult and requires some strength.

  • Tire iron or spoon
  • Tire wrench
Place the garden tractor on a flat surface. Determine the tire you need to remove and put a brick behind the opposite wheel. Put a jack underneath the garden tractor near the tire you are changing. Bring it up a few inches off the ground. Unscrew the lug nuts to remove the wheel.

Remove the air from the tire you are changing. Remove the air by holding the valve on the inner side of the tire down or remove the tire valve with a tire wrench. Wait until all of the air is removed from the tire.

Remove the tire beads -- the pieces of metal or thick pieces of rubber that hold the tire against the side of the rim. Using a tire spoon or iron, place a spoon or iron under the edge of one bead. Lift up on one bead, pushing it over the edge of the tire rim. Place another spoon or iron under the lifted bead, sliding it around the rim of the tire. This will loosen the bead. Do this until the bead comes out. Repeat for the remaining beads.

Clean the rim. The garden tractor tire rim needs to be cleaned of dirt and scum before replacing it with a new tire. Clean the rim with a rag and soapy water.

Put the new tire on the rim. Place the tire over the rim, then apply pressure down onto the tire. Using a tire iron or spoon, replace the beads onto the new tire. Make sure all of the beads are in place before inflating the new tire. Put the new tire onto the garden tractor, tighten the lug nuts, then lower the tractor.

Tips and Warnings

  • Wear eye goggles to protect your eyes from beads popping out and hitting your face.

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