How to Buy Jalousie Replacement Windows

Jalousie windows are a type of mechanized window treatment that resembles the common, indoor plastic blinds often found in offices and apartments. Horizontal, parallel slats of glass, wood or acrylic are set on a track within the window frame, and are operated in unison via a rotating crank device. Popular in the deep South and other climates with high humidity and mild winters, jalousie windows--sometimes called "louvered" windows--are ideal for covered porches and structures that do not require airtight protection from the elements. From a decorative perspective, jalousie windows add a casual, retro flair to your home; the popularity of this window design reached its peak in the 1950s and '60s, and is still commonly found in dwellings located on the Hawaiian Islands. If you already have jalousie windows installed in your home, update the look by switching from glass to acrylic or wooden slats, or by changing the color of the panes; minor adjustments to preexisting treatments will save you time, effort and money.

Common Pitfalls

Because jalousie window panes are layered, they cannot be completely sealed. As a result, they are not considered energy-efficient, won't protect against insects or wildlife and can be difficult to find for sale in climates where weather changes dramatically from season to season. An unusual choice in climate-controlled areas, their nonconformity to energy-saving standards makes full window replacement both problematic and expensive. It is possible that you will have to have your windows shipped from a warehouse, risking damage and incurring shipping costs. It's recommended that you repair individual slats or parts, rather than replacing entire treatments. Consider also your home security; louvered panes can be easily removed from the outside. These types of windows are especially inappropriate for homes in areas frequently afflicted by crime.

Where To Buy

A small number of individual replacement parts---primarily window operators---can be found on the internet at Look for components manufactured by C.R. Laurence and TechnologyLK, which are trusted brands offering reasonably priced products. Full jalousie window replacements are offered in a variety of styles and materials through,, and factory-direct company sites like,, and Always prepare for purchasing jalousie windows by taking careful measurements of the depth, length, and width of the window area; use a metal tape measure and always consider placement of operating devices.


As with any home window system, price will vary depending on style, number of replacement windows, delivery and installation costs. Individual components you may need to replace, like hand louvers or slats, can cost between $10 and $30; try to find the appropriate pieces. However, you should budget approximately $500 to $800 per window for full, high-quality replacements.

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