How to Build a Garage Storage Shelf

Garages are great places to store household items. But rather than simply piling up your belongings, storage shelves will help you optimize the room you have available. A simple storage shelf in your garage isn't hard to build, takes only basic tools and materials, and can be constructed in only a short while.

  • Stud finder
  • Shelf brackets
  • Wood screws
  • Screwdriver
  • Shelf board
  • Saw
Decide on the location for your shelf. Consider the height of the shelf above the floor, how it will affect traffic flow in the garage, and the length and depth of the shelf.

Measure up from the floor at three to four points along the wall you'll be mounting the shelf on, and mark the height of the shelf with a pencil. Use a straight edge, like a yardstick, to connect the marks to make a solid line.

Locate the studs along the line you've marked, using an electronic stud finder. Make an "X" with your pencil at each point along the line where there's a stud behind the wall.

Screw shelf brackets into the wall at the spots on the lines where you've located the studs. Use wood screws, and place the top of the shelf brackets even with the line.

Cut your shelf board to the length desired for the shelf with a saw.

Place the shelf board on top of the shelf bracket and screw it into place with wood screws inserted through the holes in the undersides of the brackets.

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