How to Adjust the Water Level in a Toilet Bowl

Adjusting the height of your toilet tank's water level may be necessary for two main reasons. Adjusting the water level is beneficial if your toilet tank doesn't have enough power when you flush it or if too much water is running into your bowl. The water level is controlled by the fill valve inside the toilet's tank, which you can easily adjust to the desired height.

Turn off the shutoff valve that is connected to the toilet. It is the metal piece connected to the wall with a handle on it.

Flush the toilet.

Remove the toilet's lid.

Locate the fill valve, which is the tall piece to the left inside your toilet tank. Also, depending on the age of the toilet, there may or may not be a plastic ball connected to this valve.

Turn the nut on the base of the fill valve while holding its base if there is no plastic ball in your tank, which will allow you to raise or lower the water level.

Tighten or loosen the gold screw on top of the fill valve if you do have a plastic ball in your tank, which will let you you control the water level.

Turn on the shutoff valve, watching the water fill to the desired level inside the tank.

Place the lid back on the toilet tank.

Tips and Warnings

  • Many toilets have the inside part of the tank painted to indicate the correct water level. The water level marking on the fill valve should be even with this point on the toilet tank.

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