DIY Projects for Kitchens

?Nearly every homeowner would like to have their old, outdated kitchens redone in the latest style décor and materials, but the cost of hiring a professional contractor to do the work can often be prohibitive. If you’re relatively handy with simple tools and paint, the answer is obviously doing it yourself and updating your kitchen without going broke in the process. Many people today are finding that it is not too difficult to add some fresh paint in stylish colors along with colorful art and accessories too refresh and renew an entire kitchen.

The first step is selecting the right color for the walls that is fresh, but neutral enough to allow brighter contrasting colored accents to highlight the room. Artwork, countertop accessories and new curtains in a striking color that goes well with your freshly painted walls can go a long way toward brightening up any kitchen. You can add a colorful contrast with items like wooden storage boxes and metal containers painted in vivid colors that highlight the background paint quite easily too. When your countertop accessories are painted in bright colors like orange or aqua, they can really brighten up an otherwise bland room. The accessories can be painted using a simple spray can in your chosen colors. Stack the painted boxes and containers next to your cookbooks and add some brightly colored dishware items to achieve a whole new look.

After you’ve painted the main kitchen walls in the color of your choice and added some brighter countertop accents, it is also easy to add you own artistic color touches to your walls with wall stencils that come in fanciful and elaborate designs like floral scrolls, French fleur-de-lis and ornate damask designs. If you’re not comfortable using a paintbrush on your stencils, you can simply apply acrylic paint to them using a foam stenciling sponge. If you want a less permanent transformation, don’t forget about wall design decals that are easily repositioned if you change your mind, and when you decide you want a new look, you can simply remove them or put them in new places on the walls.

Don’t forget about added some pizzazz to your kitchen windows as well. Instead of paying for expensive blinds or shutters, it is fairly easy to make your own classic cafe panel curtains to spice up the window areas. Small, thin towels comes in colors and sizes that are perfect for hanging on decorative tension rods as do-it-yourself curtains and you can hang as many as needed for each window area. You can also create your own designs on curtain fabrics with large foam stamps to add colorful patterns to your curtain panels. Remember that it is easy to improve a kitchen by yourself because it is a space that can’t really be too functional or practical, but it can be a lot more colorful when you are creative.

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