Concrete Porch Repair


A concrete porch does not have to be elaborate for your family to enjoy it. It just has to be sturdy and safe.
If your concrete porch is looking a little worse for wear, you may be worried about how to replace it. Fortunately, while some concrete porches are so far gone that they have to be replaced, most concrete porches can be restored with some simple repair work instead. Before you rent a jackhammer and start knocking your concrete porch to bits, do a little bit of research to determine if maybe a fix will be better than a demolition.


Concrete porch repairs can be easy, such as cleaning, filling cracks and freshening paint, or more difficult, such as repairing weather damage and the flaw in the porch that allowed it to happen in the first place. In many cases, old concrete is simply wearing away. If you allow it to continue, then you may end up having to replace the porch. You can typically stall the process, however, with concrete patches.


Concrete porch repairs are designed to make the porch look more visually appealing and to make it safer or sturdier. Filling in small cracks now can prevent water from seeping into the concrete and freezing, which will make the cracks bigger. Painting makes the porch look prettier and protects the surface, as does staining. Patching and reinforcing the porch will help it continue to support its own weight and that of the people who use it.

Time Frame

Concrete porch repair can take from a few minutes to several days. If you are just filling in small cracks, then you can do this with mortar in about 30 minutes. Of course, you will need to allow time for the mortar to dry, which could take a couple hours if the weather is dry, and more if it is wet. Painting a concrete porch will require some prep work, like priming, and could take a whole day. Major repairs like rebuilding the form or actually pouring large amounts of concrete could take several days or even a week to complete.


The benefits to concrete porch repair are myriad. It is far cheaper to repair an existing porch than it is to build a new one. Your porch will look more attractive, thereby increasing the value of your home in many cases. Safety-related concrete porch repairs keep your loved ones safe and contribute to your safety from lawsuits in the event that a stranger or litigious neighbor is injured on your porch.


Basic concrete porch repairs can easily be done by just about anyone who can read and follow directions on a concrete patch package. However, if your concrete porch is structurally unsound, then you could run into major difficulties not just with your porch, but with the stability of your house itself if you try to do these repairs on your own. Bring in a building and construction expert if you do not already have experience in concrete porch repair and you plan on doing a major overhaul that includes more than basic surface repairs and refinishing.

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