Ceiling Treatments

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Painted ceilings are an eye-catching room feature.
When trying to decide how to update interior décor, we don’t normally think of our ceilings. But they are an important part of any room. In fact, by making a change to just the ceiling, you can create a dramatic difference. Consider this option if you want to breathe new life into a room.

Color Wonderful

Painting is an easy way to create a new loo, but consider colors other than traditional whites and neutrals. Red is exciting. Yellow makes you feel happy. You could try stripes of color combinations: gray with blue, brown with white or stripes of a different shade of the same color, going from sky blue to navy blue or from pale orange to bright tangerine. Then tie the room together with complementary colors in curtains, couches, rugs and accent pillows.

Fun Finishes

Textured paints give your ceiling the look plaster or stucco at a fraction of the cost. The special paints that create this effect are available in any home improvement store, and the directions generally consist of blending texture mix with paint to achieve the proper consistency, then troweling or spraying it on. This method works well for imperfection in your ceiling, such as stains and cracks.

Mural Magic

A large or life-size mural is anything but ordinary, and imagination is your only limitation. You can paint sandcastles on the beach, desert plains, a city skyline, a pastoral scene or underwater seascapes featuring whales, fish and coral, to name a few. Find do-it-yourself mural kits, or hire a local artist to paint it for you.

Chic Technique

Faux finishing is a technique that makes the finished surface look like another material. You can imitate the unique look of marble, the wood of trees or the fibers of grasses. The project is easy—and fun—to do yourself. Consult with a painting professional, the paint department in your local home improvement store or find how-to guides online.

Board it Up

Create an eye-catching effect by putting beadboard on the ceiling. Beadboard is pressed and shaped particle board, used for decorative purposes and nailed and/or glued to a surface, such as a wall or headboard. It is available at any home improvement store and can be purchased in different colors or patters. Or you can paint or stain it yourself.

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