About Home Decorating & Remodeling Forums

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Home decorating and remodeling forums are discussion groups online where homeowners and professionals can share ideas, view interesting work done by others and ask questions. Some of the forums are newer and do not have as many posts on them, while others enjoy a lively group of interested individuals that have embraced the online community opportunities.


There are a number of forums for do-it-yourself (DIY) decorators and remodelers Do It Yourself and House Repair offer extensive lists of topics from which to choose. Discussions are ongoing on topics such as faux finishing, tile versus carpet and repairing drywall. Participants must register with the site before posting messages to the forum. While most discussion forums maintain the privacy of the registrants, some may use your email address for marketing purposes. Read the privacy policies of a forum before registering. For example, Do It Yourself does not sell email lists, but will use addresses to send information from businesses partners.

Focused Forums

For those who prefer not to scroll through hundreds of topics, there are forums that are geared toward certain aspects of decorating and remodeling that may serve your needs better. Sites such as the House Painter forum provide discussion groups geared toward homeowners and professionals. Sew to Speak is a forum dedicated to fabrics and their various uses in decorating. Furniture Decorating has a forum with separate topics that include furniture reviews, business reviews and a decorator's corner.


Amateurs can get professional advice free through forums such as Home Link Design and Advice.com. At the same time, decorators and designers can post to these sites and use them as marketing tools to get referrals and to add credibility to their portfolios. Anyone relying on forums for decorating or remodeling guidance should understand that the advice is not always verified and those who claim professional standing should follow up their discussion with a link to their own credible websites.

Association Forums

Many trade groups and professional associations are providing opportunities for members to network through electronic forums. These sites require registration by members. The International Association of Home Staging Professionals gives members an opportunity to blog and share ideas though their structured forums. The International Interior Design Association provides members with a number of specialty forums designed to aid in business development and give access to exclusive resources.


Contractor Talk is a professional forum for builders and remodeling pros that offers discussions on topics ranging from marketing and sales to drywall, electrical and flooring issues. The discussions are moderated, and the site strives to keep ads to a minimum and keep the talk focused on professional issues. Other professional contracting forums include Hanley Wood Remodeling Forum and the Northwest Builders Network.

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